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Yellow Ribbon Program (YRP)

YRP funding is only applicable for students receiving the 100% rate of Chapter 33 (Post-9/11) with enough entitlement time remaining to cover the duration of an applicable term, per VA regulations.  If applicable, YRP will automatically cover any VA certifiable tuition & fees costs that may exceed the Chapter 33 (Post-9/11) annual VA funding cap. 

Effective as of Fall 2020, DBU’s Yellow Ribbon Program Agreement (VA Form 22-0839) was accepted by VA to allow an unlimited maximum number of students for all degree levels in all colleges or professional schools with an unlimited maximum contribution amount.”  This agreement is “considered an open-ended agreement that is in effect for all future academic years."

UNLIMITED YRP funding effectively means that applicable students may register in as many required courses they need/desire throughout the academic year without worrying about the annual VA funding cap.  For example, applicable VA students may desire to enroll in a full-time VA academic load year-round through Fall, Winter, Spring, & Summer in order to maintain consistent Monthly Housing Allowance (MHA), or they may desire to enroll in an maximum amount of allowable credit hours or enroll in multiple overlapping terms each semester in order to expedite the completion of their degree while preserving additional entitlement time.

Certain YRP restrictions may still apply, including but not limited to the following.  Active duty service members and spouses of active duty service members using transferred benefits are not eligible for YRP prior to 08/01/2022, per VA regulations.  Due to stipulations of NCAA athletic scholarships that may prevent a student from receiving both YRP funding and NCAA scholarship funding, a VA student whose NCAA scholarship can provide more value than their YRP funding may sign a statement electing to opt-out of YRP funding for any applicable term.  Students should confirm applicability with the VA SCOs in Military & Veteran Services and the military point-of-contact in Financial Aid.  Official eligibility information is available at: