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One of the most gifted Christian communicators of our century was the Dutch evangelist, Corrie ten Boom, whose well-known story is told in the book The Hiding Place. Dallas Baptist University houses a small collection of Corrie ten Boom memorabilia. This has been placed in the Corrie ten Boom Room in the Patty and Bo Pilgrim Chapel. Items are available for study by students and visitors to the University. 

Corrie ten Boom’s life was dedicated to the Lord in the service of people everywhere. She traveled the globe in the decades following World War II, telling about the victory of Jesus Christ even over the horrors of a concentration camp. She was an example of courage through faith. The University seeks to honor her memory and encourage many to emulate her example.


As soon as Dr. Gary Cook became President of Dallas Baptist University in the spring of 1988, he set aside a quiet room on campus and invited faculty, staff, and students to take an active part in praying for our university. Today the Cynthia Estes Prayer Room is located on the lower level of the Patty and Bo Pilgrim Chapel. Dr. Cook believed that it is only as we commit ourselves completely to the Lord that we can become truly fruitful in our desire to provide an excellent, distinctively Christian education. 

Students, staff, and faculty are invited to take part in a chain of prayer from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Prayer requests received by telephone, electronic mail, or written requests are placed in the prayer room. These are updated daily. Prayer requests are also distributed frequently by electronic mail to several groups of intercessors on campus. 

Kristi Coleman assumed her responsibilities as Director of the Rogers Intercessory Prayer Ministry in August 2019.  Kristi is a graduate of Baylor University. She previously worked in the DBU Vance Memorial Library and was also a secondary school teacher for many years.


The George H. Gallup, Jr. Distinguished Lecture Series, named in honor of noted pollster George Gallup, Jr., brings scholars, public officials, and governmental leaders to the University campus whose Christian faith has shaped their expertise and leadership. These lectures, coupled with personal interaction with faculty, staff, and students, provide a forum for distinguished leaders to share their insights with the University community. The lectures span traditional disciplinary boundaries and involve individuals of exceptional accomplishment representing a broad spectrum of backgrounds and interests. Mr. Gallup inaugurated the lecture series in the spring of 2003. 

The William M. Pinson Baptist History Lecture Series has been established by Dallas Baptist University as an expression of gratitude for Dr. William Pinson’s service to Baptists throughout the United States, including serving as a pastor, seminary professor, seminary president, and Baptist denominational leader. Dr. Pinson’s presence on the DBU campus has been well noted over the years, as he annually speaks to all incoming DBU freshmen during chapel services about the history and heritage of Baptists in Texas and throughout the United States. His wife, Bobbie Pinson, serves as a DBU trustee. Through this endowed lecture series, Dr. Pinson’s insight and knowledge will continue to be made available for DBU students in the years to come.