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Academic Load for Graduate Programs

The following chart shows the enrollment status for a graduate student according to the number of hours for which he or she is registered per semester or term. Students registering for more than 12 credit hours during any semester must have the approval of the appropriate academic dean.

Enrollment status for financial aid purposes or VA benefits may or may not match enrollment status as defined by the Office of the Registrar. Each student is responsible to know both the Federal Financial Aid requirements and VA benefits requirements as well as the Academic requirements, and make decisions accordingly. See the "Financial Aid and Academic Load" and "VA Academic Load" sections of the catalog for more information.

Graduate (GR) Academic Enrollment Status:


Full-Time (FT)

Three-Quarter Time (3/4)

Half-Time (HT)

 Fall/Spring Semester

9.00 credit hours

6.75 - 8.99 credit hours

4.50 - 6.74 credit hours


3.00 credit hours

2.25 - 2.99 credit hours

1.50 - 2.24 credit hours

Special Circumstances

Students pursuing an accelerated Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program are considered graduate students upon the completion of all undergraduate degree requirements and shared graduate hours (see the “Accelerated Bachelor's and Master's Degree Program Requirements" section of the catalog for more information).  Undergraduate level course requisites for a graduate program are not eligible for consideration when determining graduate enrollment status.  If an undergraduate student is permitted to begin a graduate program early (during the anticipated final term of the undergraduate program), the graduate level courses do not factor into status determination: a student’s enrollment status is based solely on the undergraduate courses.