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Minor in Music


Course Requirements for a Minor in Music*


Credit hours



MUSI 1311 - MusicTheory I

MUSI 1312 - Music Theory II

Aural Skills:

MUSI 1111 - Aural Skills I

MUSI 1112 - Aural Skills II

6 hours

2 hours

B. Applied Field

(Piano Level II or MUSI 1118 must be completed.)

4 hours

C. Music History and Literature

MUSI 2305 - Introduction to Music Literature and Fine Arts

3 hours

D. Music Electives

6 hours

E. Music Ensembles

4 hours


25 hours

*No recital required.

Suggested Electives:


MUSI 1206 - Diction I

MUSI 2207 - Introduction to Church Music and Worship            

MUSI 3207 - Basic Conducting

MUSI 3270 - Church Music and Worship Administration

MUSI 3311 - Elementary Music Methods              

MUSI 3312 - Secondary Music Methods            

MUSI 4305 - Congregational Song

Minimum GPA Required for Graduation from Dallas Baptist University: DBU requires a minimum institutional cumulative, major, and minor GPA of 2.0.

A minimum grade of C- is required for all music courses within a music major or minor field of study. 

Refer to individual course descriptions for course requisites.

(S-L)=Course(s) with field-based service-learning component.


Find course descriptions by category under the Undergraduate Course Descriptions section in the navigation panel.