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FINA 2301 (3-3-0) Consumer Finance

This course is an introductory course in financial issues. Budgeting strategies and cash management are covered, as are forecasting methods to project future budgets. Employee benefits and related topics are addressed.

Requisites: None.

Offered: Spring.

FINA 3301 (3-3-0) Corporate Financial Management

This course covers fundamental concepts in finance and decision-making techniques in corporate financial management. Overview of financial markets, financial statement analysis, financial planning, time value of money, risk-return relationship and CAPM, security valuation, capital budgeting techniques, cost of capital, debt policy, and related topics.

Requisites: ACCT 2301.

Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer, Online.

FINA 3302 (3-3-0) Securities Analysis

Valuation of different securities and a study of their markets. Market structure and recent trends, market indexes, modern portfolio theory and CAPM, market efficiency, fundamental and technical analysis, equity valuation, fixed-income securities valuation, introduction to options and futures, and related topics.

Requisites: FINA 3301.

Offered: Spring and Summer, even-numbered years, Online.

FINA 3303 (3-3-0) Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation

Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation provides students the skills and concepts necessary to review and critically examine financial statements. The course approaches the review of financial statements from the perspective of investors, management, and creditors. Students will be thoroughly exposed to ratio analysis and cash flow analysis. The course also includes topics in management effectiveness and valuation.

Requisites: FINA 3301.

Offered: Fall, Spring.

FINA 3307 (3-3-0) Personal Financial Planning (S-L)

A broad overview of the financial planning process. Areas of emphasis include cash and debt management, life and health insurance, investments, college funding, retirement planning, and estate planning. Taxes and inflation on the financial planning process are also discussed. This course contains a field-based service-learning component.

Requisites: None.

Offered: Fall, Spring, and Online.

FINA 3308 (3-3-0) Real Estate Finance and Investments

A study of valuation of real estate properties and problems associated with real estate financing. Appraisal issues, highest and best use analysis, market analysis, site valuation, income tax laws for real estate, mortgage law, sources of real estate financing, and related topics.

Requisites: FINA 3301.

Offered: Fall.

FINA 3309 (3-3-0) Psychology of Investing and Financial Decisions

Examination of individual investor behavior in financial markets and its impact on investment returns. Evaluation of cognitive errors, heuristics, psychological biases, and emotions on investor’s decisions. Analysis of psychological biases, cognitive errors, and emotions to minimize their negative influence on financial decision-making process.

Requisites: None.

Offered: Spring.

FINA 4301 (3-3-0) Portfolio Management

A study of the portfolio management process. Topics include active and passive portfolio management strategies, asset allocation and modern portfolio theory, fixed-income portfolio management, immunization strategy, equity portfolio management, performance evaluation, risk management using options and futures, and identification of investor objectives and constraints.

Requisites: FINA 3302.

Offered: Fall.

FINA 4302 (3-3-0) Advanced Topics in Corporate Financial Management

In-depth study of capital budgeting, cost of capital, dividend policy, and working capital management using both lectures and cases. Other advanced topics in corporate financial management discussed include lease financing, hybrid security financing, long-term financial planning, corporate risk management, and mergers and acquisitions.

Requisites: FINA 3301.

Offered: Spring and Summer, even-numbered years.

FINA 4304 (3-3-0) Money and Financial Institutions (AGP)

(ECON 4304)

A study of evolution, structure, and operations of U.S. money and financial system, and management of financial institutions. Determinants and structure of interest rates, various types of financial markets, management of commercial banks and other financial intermediaries, regulation and other contemporary issues about financial markets, monetary policy, and related topics. (This course is AGP-eligible.)

Requisites: ECON 2301, 2302, and FINA 3301.

Offered: Spring.

FINA 4308 (3-3-0) International Financial Management (AGP)

A study of financial management of international corporations and international financial markets. Students will learn to evaluate balance-of-payments accounts, analyze the role of foreign exchange markets, and explain key international parity relationships. Students will explore currency futures, options, and hedging strategies, including forward market and money market hedges. By utilizing critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, students will employ their understanding to grasp the diversification impact of international portfolio investment, discern motives driving Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), and adeptly connect concepts in international finance to the broader spectrum of financial knowledge. (This course is AGP-eligible.)

Requisites: FINA 3301.

Offered: Fall, Online.

FINA 4311 (3-3-0) Internship in Finance

Emphasis is placed on the analysis and evaluation of fixed income and equity securities. Additional topics include option pricing theory and the uses of options and futures contracts. Readings from the CFA Candidate Study Program are used extensively.

Requisites: None.

Offered: Periodically.

FINA 4320 (3-3-0) Entrepreneurial Finance

(ENTR 4320)

This course prepares the entrepreneur to effectively plan for, execute and control financial aspects of a new venture. The course includes business valuation methods, development of pro forma financial statements, financial statement analysis, cash flow management, and identifying and evaluating sources of capital including debt and equity forms.

Requisites: ACCT 2301, FINA 3301 recommended.

Offered: Fall.

FINA 4356 (3-3-0) Business and Finance in East Asia

This course examines the topic of successful business in East Asian countries. Students will study the historical and cultural backgrounds of each country and examine how these backgrounds impact current business practices. Emphasis is placed on an analysis of financial issues in China, Japan, and South Korea. Students will survey the economic development of these countries focusing on the development of financial markets. The course also examines the current financial issues these countries are dealing with.

Requisites: None.

Offered: Periodically, Online.