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ECON 2301 (3-3-0) Principles of Macroeconomics

Analysis of aggregate economic behavior pertaining to national income, employment, and the level of prices; money, banking, and monetary policy; government spending, taxation, and fiscal policy.

Requisites: None.

Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer, Online.

ECON 2302 (3-3-0) Principles of Microeconomics

Study of the economic decisions of individuals about utility and prices, firms with regard to production and costs, and markets under varying degrees of competition.

Requisites: None.

Offered: Fall, Spring, Summer, Online.

ECON 4304 (3-3-0) Money and Financial Institutions

(FINA 4304)

A study of evolution, structure, and operations of U.S. money and financial system, and management of financial institutions. Determinants and structure of interest rates, various types of financial markets, management of commercial banks and other financial intermediaries, regulation and other contemporary issues about financial markets, monetary policy, and related topics.

Requisites: ECON 2301, 2302, and FINA 3301.

Offered: Spring.

ECON 4312 (3-3-0) History of Free Market Thought

(HIST 4312)

This course explores and surveys some of the major thinkers and their ideas in the development of the classical school of economics. While the content focuses on free market thought, other economic theory will be addressed to introduce a comparative element. Special consideration will also be given to a biblical worldview perspective on economics, as well as relevant current issues and ideas.

Requisites: Two courses from the following: HIST 1301, 1302, 2301, 2302.

Offered: Periodically.