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College of Business Professional Studies Track

If you are an adult, working full-time, perhaps with children, balancing many commitments, then the Professional Studies Track may be for you. The Professional Studies Track is designed to meet the special demands of adult learners.


Through the Professional Studies Track the following degrees are offered within DBU’s College of Business:

Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)


Professional Studies students start by taking the following course:

• PRST 2301: Lifelong Learning (S-L)

This course lays the foundation for the adult degree program by enhancing academic study skills, examining the philosophy of Christian higher education, introducing critical thinking skills and the concept of servant leadership, and exploring nine major worldviews. PRST 2301 is taken by adult students during their first term of classes at DBU.


Students who have completed at least 24 hours of technical, occupational, or academic studies in a specific field of study, should consider whether the Inverted Degree Programs works for them.

If you specialized in an academic field of study during your prior college years, you now may complete your remaining general studies and more core requirements to fulfill all University requirements.

  • As with all other adult students, as an Inverted Degree Program student, you will take PRST 2301: "Lifelong Learning."

  • Due to prior completion of at least 24 hours in a specific field of study or academic concentration, the minimum University requirement of 36 hours of upper-level credit can be waived.

  • Students must still meet the upper-level requirements in the major(s) and minor(s).

  • Minimum of 12 credit hours in major in residence at Dallas Baptist University, 9 credit hours of which must be upper-level.


You may earn college credit through three other methods:

Credit by Examination. Students may seek college credit by satisfactorily completing the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) of the College Entrance Examination Board. CLEP credits may be used to satisfy degree requirements, but do not apply to the 25-percent-credit-hour residency requirement.

Military or Corporate Training. Military or corporate training that has been recognized by the American Council of Education (ACE) is another avenue for earning college credit toward completion of a Professional Studies degree. Typically, ACE credits satisfy elective requirements but do not apply to the 25-percent-credit-hour residency requirement.

Education Partnership Agreements. DBU offers the opportunity for certain students to pursue credit through the development of an academic portfolio, based on the documentation of learning that has occurred within the professional work environment. Students who have been selected for this program, based on their employment within organizations holding a Preferred Partnership Agreement with the University, will be eligible to enroll in the following course:

PRST 3305: Professional Learning

This course guides the preparation of an academic portfolio, providing adult students the opportunity to translate knowledge and skills obtained through professional experience into as many as 30 academic credit hours. Because of the time needed for portfolio evaluation, students may not take the course in their first or final semester.

For further information please contact the Professional Studies advisor in the College of Business.