Advanced Certificate in Worship Studies

(12 hours – excluding requisites)

Note: Church Membership Requirement (for admission into the Master’s Ministry Degrees, Advanced Ministry Certificate Programs, EDD in Educational Leadership—all concentrations, and PHD in Leadership Studies’ Ministry Concentration): Within the last 12 months, the applicant must have been an active member of a Christian church that holds Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and who holds solely the Old Testament and the New Testament as sacred Scripture.

Courses comprising this certificate engage worship leaders in a study of Christian worship from theological and practical dimensions. The certificate equips worship leaders with tools for effective worship education and ministry in a variety of worship contexts.

REQUIRED COURSES (excluding requisites)


WORS 5307 - History of Worship Song

Select three of the following Worship Praxis courses*:

WORS 6325 - Worship Praxis I: Worship Song: Creation, Selection, and Implementation

WORS 6326 - Worship Praxis II: Worship Media: Technology and Production

WORS 6327 - Worship Praxis III: Worship Leading: Preparation and Presentation

WORS 6328 - Worship Praxis IV: The Instruments of Worship

WORS 6329 - Worship Praxis V: Worship Leader Travel Study

*The Worship Praxis courses are offered in an intensive format on the DBU main campus, except for Worship Praxis I and V.


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