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Worship Studies

WORS 5308 (3-3-0) History of Christian Worship

This graduate course is designed to prepare leaders for Worship ministry by helping students broaden their knowledge of the history of Christian Worship and the songs that were used in their Christian Worship Services. The knowledge is vital for developing a wider understanding/appreciation for the rich Christian heritage of worship and giving the context for current worship practice and future choices. 

Requisites: None.

Offered:  Spring, Online.

WORS 5309 (3-3-0) Worship Life: Education and Administration

A survey course encompassing all aspects of administration in a comprehensive ministry of Christian Worship. The survey includes administration of worship programs, music and related fine arts programs informing worship events, budgeting, scheduling for weekday and Sunday events, multi-generational fine arts education for worship, worship leader training and staff relationship team building. The survey will address the pastoral role of the worship leader, including administrative skill sets and soft skill sets necessary for the development and administration of a comprehensive worship life in Christian faith and practice.

Requisites: None.

Offered:  Fall, Online.

WORS 6316 (3-3-0) Worship Theology for Contemporary Ministry

The course examines biblical, historical, and practical issues regarding theologies of Christian worship. The study explores theological foundations for understanding worship practice, assesses theological implications of personal and corporate worship ministry, and equips worship leaders in the application of a theology of worship in contemporary ministry contexts.

Requisites: None.

Offered:  Summer, Online.

WORS 6325 (3-3-0) Worship Praxis I: Worship Song: Creation, Selection, and Implementation

This course explores the creation, selection, and implementation of worship song in Christian faith and practice. Current worship song is explored through compositional technique, song form, melodic construction and lyric analysis from a theological perspective. The appropriate selection of worship song for the church will be addressed, including worship song that encompasses all voice types and ranges of the congregation. Multigenerational worship song will be explored. The use of the vast repertoire of resources in worship song in planning of corporate worship experiences, including believer’s baptism, communion, wedding services and memorial services, will be discussed.

Requisites: Audition only; Director approval.

Offered:  Fall (even years).

WORS 6326 (3-3-0) Worship Praxis II: Worship Media: Technology and Production

This course acquaints the student with current technologies and production standards available to the church in the service of worship. The student will explore technologies and production values which enhance the worship experience including: audio design, sound mixing, lighting design and fine arts aesthetics. The appropriate use of the communication and visual arts in the creative art of worship is addressed. The study will center on current trends in the use of such technologies and explore criteria for the evaluation of trends in worship technology and production. During the course of study, the student will develop a sound philosophy of the use of the visual and audio arts in the creation of the corporate worship vehicle.

Requisites: Audition only; Director approval.

Offered:  Spring (odd years).

WORS 6327 (3-3-0) Worship Praxis III: Worship Leading: Preparation and Presentation

This course explores advanced techniques in leading, directing, and communicating with various music ensembles including: worship bands, vocal worship ensembles, instrumental ensembles and worship choirs. The student will explore the preparation and presentation of musical, technical, and administrative elements and their application in modern worship. Rehearsal concepts for the worship pastor and musical director in facilitating efficient and effective rehearsals are addressed, including charting and arranging. Emphasis will be placed on shepherding the artistry of musicians in the worship context. The course  will explore the appropriate musical and spiritual attributes of the worship pastor in rehearsal planning and leading.  

Requisites: Audition only; Director approval.

Offered:  Fall (odd years).

WORS 6328 (3-3-0) Worship Praxis IV: Worship Instruments

This course explores principles and methods of current worship performance practice in the use of instruments in worship. The student will become universally acquainted with instruments used in current worship practice and will gain a knowledge of how to relate to a variety of instrumentalists in creating a cohesive musical band or ensemble. The student will gain foundational techniques using appropriate communication skills and musical techniques for instruction of specific instrumentalists in order to achieve the appropriate musical outcomes and objectives. The use of modern technological resources including clicks, tracks and loops will be discussed. The technical and musical collaboration with the worship leader, music director, instrumentalists, vocalists and the sound engineer will be explored. Issues concerning appropriate worship song sound design and hearing health will be addressed.

Requisites: Audition only; Director approval.

Offered:  Spring (even years).

WORS 6329 (3-3-0) Worship Praxis V: Worship Leader Travel Study

This course offers students an opportunity to explore worship-related topics and ministries. Students will engage with other students and faculty in hands-on learning that enriches what they are taught in the classroom. This course is designed as an intensive travel experience either domestically or internationally.

Requisites: Audition only; Director approval.

Offered:  Periodically.