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Healthcare Management

HCMG 6310 (3-3-0) Strategic Healthcare Planning, Marketing, and Policy

This course examines strategic healthcare planning and marketing processes used by healthcare managers. Healthcare policies related to selected healthcare issues are analyzed within the fast-changing nature of the healthcare industry. Emphasis is given to the social, economic, political, and health implications of planning, marketing, and health policy for consumers, healthcare providers, and the general community.

Requisites: MRKT 51.521 and see advisor for recommended requisites.

Offered:  Fall, Online.

HCMG 6320 (3-3-0) Managed Healthcare

In-depth analysis of the various managed care delivery models. Emphasis is given to the managed care continuum. Topics include types of managed care organizations, provider payment plans, utilization control, underwriting and rate setting, management, and marketing aspects, and legal and healthcare policy issues.

Requisites: See advisor for recommended requisites.

Offered:  Fall, Online.

HCMG 6325 (3-3-0) Business Ethics

(ACCT 6320, MANA 6320)

This course provides an in-depth study of ethical theory. An analysis of the relationship of laws, ethics, morals, and standards within the Christian framework is explored. Students will see ethical theory applied to healthcare administration case studies. Students will also apply theories to current-day ethical dilemmas to practice ethical problem-solving.

Requisites: See advisor for recommended requisites.

Offered:  Periodically, Online.

HCMG 6330 (3-3-0) Long-Term Care Administration

Long-term care administration includes a study of the comprehensive needs essential to the care of the aging population, including housing, healthcare, nutrition, education, and social well-being. The course focuses on the management of skilled nursing, intermediate care, and long-term care facilities; the management of daycare, residential care, community-based programs, and home health services.

Requisites: HCMG 6310, HCMG 6320.

Offered:  Spring, Online.

HCMG 6380 (3-3-0) Health Services Management Capstone Initiative

The health services management capstone initiative explores executive leadership, corporate communications, management of a culturally-diverse environment, visioning, and strategic thinking. An in-depth case analysis, complete with specific management plans for the product/service is submitted at the end of the practicum. The student selects a clinical rotation of interest, such as administration, clinical practice, or education/consultation.

Requisites: Minimum six hours of HCMG 6000-level courses.

Offered:  Spring, Online.