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Master of Arts in Communication

The Master of Arts degree in Communication is a 36-credit hour program designed to equip graduates with academic and professional skills related to the field of communication, providing the skills and knowledge needed for servant leadership in the community, educational, ministry, or professional organizations. The core courses are designed to expose graduate students to the theories, research methods, and contemporary trends in communication studies while improving their skills in public speaking, designing effective visual support for messages, using technology related to communication, and leading communication activities for groups.

Five concentrations (18 hours each) are available in this program: Communication Leadership, Communication Studies, Integrated Marketing, Organizational Communication Management, and Sports Communication.

  • The Communication Leadership concentration enables students to develop communication skills, competencies, and strategies needed by servant leaders to provide direction and influence in interpersonal, group, and organizational contexts.

  • The Communication Studies concentration provides students with in-depth knowledge of traditional and contemporary communication theories, research, analysis, and practices related to communication as a field of study.

  • The Organizational Communication Management concentration enables students to apply knowledge of communication theories and research to communication practices related to organizations, equipping students to contribute their knowledge and skills as specialists in the ethical management of communication for organizations.

  • The Integrated Marketing concentration equips students with knowledge and skills in communication and marketing theories and strategies to serve as marketing communication specialists for a variety of organizations.

  • The Sports Communication concentration equips students with knowledge and skills to serve as communication specialists in sport-related professions or organizations.



No requisite course work is required for this program.


Credit hours

Required Core Curriculum


COMA 6300 - Introduction to Graduate Communication Studies
COMA 6301 - Advanced Communication Theory
COMA 6303 - Digital Media Communication
COMA 6305 - Presentation Communication (S-L)
COMA 6307 - Communication Leadership for Groups
COMA 6309 - Social Media and Communication

Communication Leadership


MAL 6301 - Christian Worldview of Leadership (S-L)
MAL 6303 - Leadership in Conflict and Adversity
MAL 6304 - Leadership Communication
MANA 6306 - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace
Elective: Any additional graduate-level COMA course selected in consultation with advisor.
Elective: Any additional graduate-level program course selected in consultation with advisor.

Communication Studies Concentration


COMA 6310 - Rhetoric, Argumentation, and Advocacy
COMA 6311 - Relational Communication
COMA 6312 - Advanced Persuasive Communication
COMA 6313 - Advanced Nonverbal Communication
COMA 6314 - Intercultural Communication

COMA 6315 - Communication Studies Graduate Internship
COMA 6316 - Communication Studies Graduate Research Project

Integrated Marketing


COMA 6322 - Communication Campaigns
MRKT 5301 - Advanced Marketing Strategies (S-L)
MRKT 5345 - Consumer and Buyer Behavior

MRKT 6321 - International Marketing
MRKT 6331 - Marketing Analysis
Elective:  Any additional graduate-level program course selected in consultation with advisor.

Organizational Communication Management Concentration


COMA 6320 - Organizational Communication
COMA 6321 - Strategic Communication for Organizations
COMA 6322 - Communication Campaigns
COMA 6323 - Communication Consulting
COMA 6324 - Communication for Global Organizations
COMA 6325 - Organizational Communication Management Graduate Internship
COMA 6326 - Organizational Communication Management Graduate Research Project

Sports Communication Concentration


COMA 6321 - Strategic Communication for Organizations
KINE 6326 - Psychology of Sport and Performance

SPRM 5330 - Sport Marketing
SPRM 5332 - Sport Facility and Event Management
SPRM 6330 - Legal and Ethical Issues in Sport (S-L)
SPRM 6331 - Business of Sport

Total Credit Hours Required


(S-L) = Course(s) with field-based service-learning component.

Refer to individual course descriptions for course requisites.


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